Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Not for the first time, I have returned, and I've brought something with me this time. My old Daft Punk t-shirts got taken down in October last year, so I then set about making one to replace them. It took longer than I hoped what with work going crazy over Christmas, but it's now done.

I'm really happy with it; I'll buy one within a week or two so there'll be some photos of it coming soon too. Since I've been gone as well Redbubble added Ipad cases, so I've started making some designs available as Ipad cases, including this one. Ipad cases for older designs will follow.

I'm starting on a new t-shirt at the minute as well, but I'm not gonna promise any dates or anything. I'm pretty busy at the moment, so it's just a case of wait and see.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Bad news everyone

Dear James We are contacting you in accordance with Redbubble policy and as a result of us having received a complaint from Bravado International Group Merchandising Services, Inc., the claimed exclusive merchandise licensee in relation to the following content.
As you will be aware from our policy, Redbubble requires a certain amount of information before it acts on such a complaint, including that:
-          the relevant content is specifically named;
-          the complaint come from the owner of the respective rights (or someone authorised to act on their behalf); and -          they have a good faith belief that the use of the relevant content is not authorised by the owner, its agent or the law.
On the basis of that information and in accordance with our agreement and policy with you, we've removed the above mentioned content from Redbubble.

So yeah, no more Daft Punk stuff. Too bad as it was really popular, but there you go. The old Guy Manuel De Homem Christo & Thomas Bangalter ones are still up, but the ones that used word typography are gone.

Stuff like this really depresses me; yeah I made a little bit of money from my Daft Punk stuff, but that wasn't the point, and it's not even why it was removed. They would've taken it down even if I'd had my profit margin at 0%. I don't make this stuff for the money, it's just a bonus. I make this stuff because it's stuff that I'd want to wear, but nobody makes. I wanted a Daft Punk t-shirt, I couldn't find one, so I made one that I thought people would like. I'm a Daft Punk fan and I wanted to express that through what I wear, plus I wanted other fans to have something that doesn't seem to be available. It was fan made for fans, but despite that it's gone and now fans have gone back to having nothing. And that depresses me more than anything.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Quick correction

I noticed a mistake on the Nami t-shirt I did a while back; I omitted a detail which I've corrected.

I missed her tattoo, so I put one in. I missed it because in the image of Nami that I originally used as a template, she doesn't have a tattoo, but instead she has the words one piece there instead. I got rid of the words and forgot the tattoo. Oh well, think there's only been 2 sales of it so far so better late than never. Means I have one of the incorrect ones, although I'm not too bothered about it.

While I'm here as well, RB has started offering zip up hoodies.

I only have the one zip up hoodie at the minute, so I'll definitely be getting one of these at some point.

I'll be doing the IP covers for the strawhat series soon.

EDIT: Did the IP covers.


...where...where am I

...what's going on?...

Oh right, my blog
I've been on an unplanned, indefinite hiatus for no apparent reason whatsoever but that's finished now
I shall get back to making tees very soon
Very soon indeed

Maybe not very soon

Saturday, 21 July 2012


So the two t-shirts I ordered arrived today, earlier than expected as well which is nice.

Sorry about the terrible picture, I had to use my phone. I'll take some proper photos tomorrow probably since i'm busy all day today.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Customs can suck it

So I ordered 2 of my own t-shirts a while back. Paid for them on the 7th, & they were shipped on the 11th. According to RB, delivery normally takes between 5 - 10 days (the tees are made in the US, so that's fair enough), so I was expecting the tees to turn up around about now. Been checking the mail for the last few days only for nothing to turn up. So I went and checked the RB website again and apparently:

It's important to note that in some countries, you may need to allow an additional 4 - 5 days for your local customs, including garments and iPhone/iPod cases to the United Kingdom.

Why is this a thing
How can it take an extra 4 or 5 days to process some t-shirts through customs
God damn it if I have to pay a customs charge as well i'll be absolutely fuming

So at the very worst they'll get here next Thursday, and if that's the case then the wait between placing the order to the receipt of the items could potentially be as long as 19 days for anyone in the UK. That's something i'll have to keep in mind for the future. Annoying I guess, but it's good to know for future reference I suppose.

Also, I'm working on a new set of tees, got two of them done already and am starting on the third. Don't know whether they'll be up by the weekend or not since i've got some things I need to do over the next few days so I won't have as much time to dedicate to it, but hopefully they'll get done & uploaded soon.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Two new tees

I think this might have been the quickest i've ever made a tee. Got the idea for it at the weekend, started it on Tuesday, uploaded 2 versions of it on Thursday.

For everyone who isn't as into anime as me, her name is Revy and she's from Black Lagoon.

I actually really enjoyed doing this one, partly because I love the source material (pre-ordered season 1 & 2 the other day) but also because it allowed me to use a new technique. I looked through the Black Lagoon manga, looking for good poses that I could use as reference points for the design. Rather than finding just one pose though, I used several different images to build a template, and in doing so made an entirely new pose for Revy. Was pretty fun to chop up the source material like that and create something new out of it, so i'll have to bear it in mind for future designs, especially anything from manga or comic books.

Been meaning to do a Black Lagoon tee for ages now, so i'm really happy with this. I'll be buying one of these myself when I get paid in a few days time along with one of the One Piece ones I did a little while back. I'll post photos of them once they arrive.